Foldable Flight Paper Airplane Designer Contest

What is this contest?

Viewers often send me paper airplanes they have designed and folded. I'm frequently impressed by those creations and wanted to create an official avenue for submissions as well as a reward for the best designs.







What do you get for winning?

Over the coming month, I will be reviewing submissions, and I will feature a collection of my favorite designs in a video on October, 31, 2020 . In that video, I'll ask viewers to vote for their favorite plane. On November 14, 2020 a winner will be selected (and notified), based on the viewer's votes. I will then design a foldable template for the winning paper airplane, and I'll film a folding tutorial for it as well, which will feature on the Foldable Flight YouTube channel. And, of course, I will give full credit to the designer of the paper airplanes within each video. If you love to design paper airplanes and want to share your creations with the world, this is the perfect opportunity!

How will I pick my favorite designs?

To be clear, this isn't a competition defined by a single flight characteristic, such as a distance competition or a time aloft competition. If a plane flies really far or for a long period of time, that's great! But I'll also consider the plane's appearance, how unique it is, etc. Is it a boomerang plane? Does it do some other cool trick? I like a variety of paper airplanes, so just send me your favorite designs and I'll love them too!

Rules for Entry:

1. You must be the original designer of any paper airplane you submit. I will weed out any submissions that violate this rule. 

2. An individual may submit no more than three (3) unique paper airplane designs to this contest, so choose wisely! 

3. Individuals under the age of 18 must receive parental consent before entering the contest.

4. Submissions must be made by 8pm EST September 5, 2020.  

5. Carefully follow the guidelines below for submitting your designs. I reserve the right to remove any submission from the contest for any reason, including, but not limited to, incomplete information, inappropriate content, etc. 

6. Any contestant who uses the email below for any purpose other than to submit a design for the contest will be disqualified and his or her submissions will be removed from consideration. 

7. I reserve the right to make slight alterations to the winning design to improve its performance before making the final folding tutorial.

Legal Notice:

By entering this contest, the entrant grants to Foldable Flight the right to create video content depicting the entrant's paper airplane design, its folding sequence, and any other information or content that could be construed to be the intellectual property of the entrant, and to promote this content on the Internet. Foldable Flight agrees that it will not publish the entrant's content on any platform other than YouTube without the express permission of the entrant.

By entering this contest, the entrant grants Foldable Flight the right to mention the provided Name of Designer in any materials related to the contest, including, but not limited to, the contest videos.

No purchase necessary to enter. Purchases do not increase your chance of winning.

How to Submit Your Original Designs:

Submissions should be made by email to and should include all information listed below:

1. Name of Plane


2. Name of Designer (that's you) as you would like for it to appear in the videos.


3. A link to a video tutorial for the plane. The video needs to be viewable on the internet. PLEASE do not send videos for me to download — such submissions will be rejected. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the video I send you be made public in any way?

A: No. I will be the only person to view videos submitted to the contest, and I will keep them private. I will not share any of your personal information publicly except the provided name for the designer of the plane. 

Q: Is this contest for origami planes only, or can the planes use cutting, gluing, taping, etc.?

A: Nope! You're free to submit designs that incorporate any of these methods or materials, but the main construction material must be paper.

© 2017 Foldable Flight

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