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Circuit Racer | Boomerang Paper Airplane Design Statistics and Throwing Angles
Circuit Racer

Circuit Racer might be the best boomerang paper airplane in the world. And if the term “boomerang paper airplane” has you raising your eyebrows, yes, this plane will literally fly in a circle back to you! You can throw it in a circle clockwise or counter-clockwise, or you can even make it do backflips. So, boomerang paper airplanes are awesome! But what makes this the best of them all? Most boomerang paper airplanes fly in a tight radius and are only a maximum of 10-15 feet away from you when they are on the far side of their circular flight. Circuit Racer, on the other hand, has a flight radius about 2-3 times that size, so it spends much more time in the air before returning to you, offering a much more satisfying experience than other such planes. It’s a little tricky to fold, but it’s well worth the effort!

Tessellation right.jpg
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